Lady Cox  is a  artist, designer, speaker and teacher. She is a spiritual practitioner expressing herself through art, fashion and design. She is known for her prophetic abstract paintings where the canvas is hand inscribed with blessings and mantras. Then combined with spray paint and handcrafted pigment paints mixed with authentic metallics, gemstones, crystals, fossils and flowers. The paintings are completed through a 10 step spiritual and creative process with its emphasis on bringing higher consciousness to the space. The combination of paint finishes and the raw material textures in her work has been described as ”Jewelry For Your Walls.” She also has created a technicolor wearable art clothing line where the t-shirt is the canvas. The streetwear clothing line has original artwork on every t-shirt. The streets are the modern art galleries ... She says " I'm not selling garments I'm selling dreams"  where anyone can be an art collector. She juxtaposes multiple pop art images and harmoniously blends them together with splashes of color. She is inspired by everything around her and that love and intention pours into everything she does. From colorful paintings, limited edition streetwear collections and custom décor. To creating one of a kind memorable experiences through live painting performances, teaching art classes, creating art installations and designing pop-ups.