Art & Collaborations

Yes! Unless we're running a special printing of a collaborative project, the artwork you see featured on this site and our merchandise is all original modern art created by Lady Cox. Collaborations and inspirations have their contributors noted in the product description and on their respective site wide pages.

Our art and content on this site is protected by Canadian & International Copyright Law. We encourage you to contact us with your request prior to using our content outside the scope of fair use. 

That depends on the project! As an artist, Lady Cox is commissioned to create a piece based on your requirements. We welcome all collaboration invitations and project proposals. 

Sizes & Products

We offer products in all sizes, so please check the individual product listing for availability. In general, if it is not in-stock, we can print-on-demand in sizes up to 5XL. Please contact us for more assistance if needed!

Click here to view the size guide!


Technically, the manufacturer describes our products as 'unisex', and the concept of art can't really be gendered when printed on incredibly comfortable clothing...

Art is love, and we love you, so please view our size guide to find the perfect fit for your body, and refer to the product descriptions for any special sizing notes.

We encourage open and dignified communication if anyone has any questions about fits, cuts, or how to wear our clothing, above and beyond what may be mentioned in the size guide.

Some specialized products may be advertised "for men" or "for women", due to the product's design being inherently cut to include additional measurements, (like in the bust, hips or thighs), or because different versions of a product are available with different fabric options or printing options best suited for your assets...but rules are meant to be broken if you are bold enough to be beautiful.

In no way will you ever be discriminated against if you need to contact us for assistance finding the perfect fit for your body.

Fabric content will vary by individual product, and even down to the individual colour of fabrics. Please read the individual item description for any special fabric content notes.

In general black, white and basic colour shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton, with variations up to 50% polyester for high-reflective, neon or specialty colours.

Sweatpants are a 50/50 Cotton/Poly blend (fleece knit).

Prints are done with a high-quality screening process (for dark materials) and a combination of screening and printing methods for light coloured clothing.

Embroidered products use 100% polyester fibre for the stitching and designs.

In general, printed clothing should be washed inside-out, with like colours and a gentle tumble dry. (We use pre-shrunk cotton, so it's safe to hit it with the heat!)

It is important that you read and follow the care instruction label affixed to the article of clothing, to ensure it maintains it's quality. Regretfully, damage to your clothing/artwork due to misuse or failure to follow proper care instructions, will not be eligible for a product replacement or refund. 

Pre-Orders &

We will sometimes do a limited-run of a specific print, or otherwise offer a discounted price on a particular product when purchased during a pre-order event. By purchasing during a pre-order event, you support our local small-business suppliers and print shops, and they are able to commit a great price for us to print our art for's all supply & demand stuff and economics of scale...

A pre-order means the actual item is not physically in-stock at our studios; When you purchase during a pre-order event, you do so with the understanding that products are not shipped immediately, and each pre-order event has a designated "drop date" - the date that the merchandise becomes physically available to us, and distributed through the postal system to you.

  1. Some products are only available during a limited-time sale period. There is no guarantee that these products or designs will be available in our general merchandise shop, and each pre-order event typically comes with a great saving/discount when everyone participates in the group deal.
  2. Local vendors rely on our orders to print their products. Knowing how many of each size to print significantly helps keep costs low, and our small-business partners really appreciate when we are able to come to them with a commitment for a large order. 

Unless a deposit or partial payment is required (as indicated on the pre-order, and not always required), your payment method on-file will be charged on the date your order is processed for shipping. 

Please ensure your payment profile is kept up-to-date, as declined payments will not be shipped, and your pre-ordered quantity may be returned to general inventory.

Products that are normally kept fully stocked can be ordered and fulfilled when they become available. 

Payments and shipping are handled much like a pre-order, however, unlike a pre-order, back-ordered products are not limited to specific availability dates, and restock dates are not guaranteed.

Shipping & Pick Up

Canada Post, usually.


You will receive an email when your order is processed/shipped. Please refer to those emails for your tracking info, or log-in to view your order history.

If a time/date selection is not offered during the check-out process, we will reach out by email to confirm your option.

Please note, pre-orders, back-orders and some products may not be available for pick-up. 

Orders are processed twice monthly as part of our agreements with the local print shops. If you place an order, your order will be processed on the next processesing cycle date, and available products will be shipped accordingly.

Shipping times are a Canada Post thing. They are "fast" like we all know. 

Payments & Refunds

We accept various major credit and debit cards through our online payment processor, and/or PayPal. Offline payments (such as cash or cheque), or Interac™ transfers are also available in certain locations. 

Refunds are processed to the original payment method, or by cheque when required.

Your payment may declined due to a mismatch of billing information (like a postal code) or an incorrect security code. Please check your information, contact your bank or try another method of payment. 

Automated systems are in place to mitigate fraudulent use of this site. Your transaction may be declined if you are connected to a VPN or proxy service, as this often flags the security system.

Cost is subjective - if our shirts cost $1,000,000 or $1.00, chances are we'd be getting them from the same local small-business parters who print our designs.

The cost savings that come from manufacturing in bulk means that we'd be ordering  thousands of items at various levels of quality from production houses we can't even visit in a country who's street names we can't pronounce.

By partnering with local (Edmonton-based) production houses, we produce our prints in small batches with high quality standards.  We hope the cost of our product reflects a great value for money, that complements the quality of material and funky pop art, designed by Lady Cox.

In-stock merchandise may be returned within 14 days, in it's original, resalable condition. Contact us to start a return, and before sending back your products.

Pre-orders, custom-orders and special-order products are non-returnable. Defective/damaged items may be replaced or refunded as applicable. 

Custom commissions of artwork are subject to an upfront deposit with balance due upon delivery. Cancellation of an in-progress project will forfeit your paid deposit, with no further recourse to receive completed and/or partially completed artwork.

Custom Order Stuff

Hopefully by now you've contacted us with any questions. After you pay your deposit, you will be directed to a submission page where you can enter all the details on our "official form".

For the purpose of ensuring we are able to fully deliver you with the artwork requested, your submission must be completely filled out and as much detail as possible provided. We will always contact you at the number/email provided on this form, so please ensure it's accurate!

About what? The art concept? The product you want it printed on? Your life choices in general? 

Ha ha ok just kidding...if you've changed your mind about something that's currently in-progress, please contact us immediately using this link. We may be able to help you out and cancel the order if it's not already shipped out, otherwise all purchases/commissions are subject to our deposit and billing/refund policies. 

Privacy & Legal

View all the legal stuff here.

Nope. That's not cool.

We do share your info with our web-service provider, well, because they provide us the service used to get your's a catch 22 type thing. Click here to learn more about how your data is managed, and read our full terms.

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Proin ullamcorper pretium orci donec necscele risqueleoam massa dolor imper dietnec consequata congue idsem maecenas malesuada faucibus finibus.


Uluwatu Jimbaran ST, 1919 - Bali, Indonesia

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