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Last updated: Aug 16, 2023

Changes Made: New digital gift card vouchers added to the shop with terms outlined here.  We also launched subscription-based products, outlining how subscriptions are managed here. This website is still under redevelopment for the holiday season. Please contact us to report a glitch if found. 

Please Read & Understand

By continuing to use our website and/or services, you agree to have been given the opportunity to read and understand the terms and conditions we set. This page explains to you some important things like how we do business, the information we collect and other legal requirements such as applicable contest terms. Additional terms may apply for the various features of this site, so not all will apply to each visitor.

On this page and site, language like “we” or “us” refers to Lady Cox Collection, it’s partners, agents and otherwise authorized representatives. Terms like “you” or “them” refer to the user, customer or otherwise unaffiliated third-party wishing to engage with us through the use of this website or our services.

To report an error on this page or on our website, contact our

The Data We Collect

Certain features of this website require you to create an account to use, while other are available to all visitors as a guest. We may ask you to provide your name, email, phone number or otherwise identifiable information in order to fulfill your order or provide you a quote. We will never ask you for a username or confidential password, though due to the nature of our business, we may ask you to provide a credit card number over the phone. If paying an invoice by e-tranfer, the we will ask for the “password” or “key phrase” used to securely transfer funds – please do not confuse this with the confidential password you use for your online banking services. You further agree to receive communications from us in response to your inquiry and/or future promotional offers from us and/or our partners.

Cookies & Analytics

In addition to your identifiable information, this website uses cookies and analytic tools to gather additional non-identifiable information to deliver a great online experience.

Cookies are a piece of “internet magic”, or software coding, placed on a webpage; These cookies are downloaded to your computer when visiting the website, and your computer sends data to the website as part of it’s functionality. You may manage your cookies on your computer or browser’s settings.

While not directly connected to your personally identifiable information, we may collect details such as gender, age, browser, hardware, and language preferences. We collect this information to measure the success (or failure) of the work we do. For more information, email

Copyright & Intellectual Property

The artwork, imagery, branding and otherwise creative representations of our brand are, and forever remain the intellectual property of Lady Cox Collection. We reserve all rights to content, and encourage visitors to contact us in advance should you wish to utilize our material outside the scope of fair use.

You agree and acknowledge that we do not accept unsolicited submissions of art, concepts or the like. To prevent potential disputes, you agree not to send your media unless requested as part of your purchased product or order fulfillment. By submitting media outside the terms defined in a product purchase setting, you grant us a universe-wide, non-revokable, indefinite and non-limited license to make use of the submitted content without further credit or compensation to you. 

Who Share Information With

We take privacy seriously and hope you do too. We do not sell your information to anybody! Our website and promotional campaigns are Powered by MEH Services. As a trusted service partner, we do securely share information when required to fulfill our requested campaigns or digital service needs.

Your Rights to Your Data

At any time, you may contact us to see a record of what information of yours we have on file. Please email You may at any time opt-out from receiving further communications from us by clicking on the provided links, texting a keyword as indicated, or emailing Please understand that we may contact you to confirm this request, and cross-reference any alternate email/phone/addresses we have on file. Please accept our apologies if we miss a method of contact. Once made aware of our error, we will correct the situation.

Additional Shop Terms

Thank you for supporting a local business! Please view our FAQ page for our current return & refund policy. In the digital age we live in, your email, text or verbal authorization on the phone or in person will be accepted by us as a binding contractual obligation or request to fulfill your order. 

Your payments will be processed by one of several processing services we engage with. In general, you agree not to use stolen credit card data or commit willful fraud when making a purchase on our website. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your chosen payment method for exact details on your obligations. We reserve the right to cancel transactions if fraud or criminal activity is involved. 

Additional Gift Card Information

The terms “gift card”, “digital voucher” and “voucher number” all mean the same thing to us; We offer a system to pre-pay for merchandise or load a pre-determined value on a “digital card”, represented by an alpha-numeric code. To purchase a gift card using this system, add the product to your cart using the standard storefront process. 

Orders with physical merchandise may take up to 48 hours for the system to process and generate your voucher codes. For most orders paid and confirmed online, your digital vouchers will be ready within minutes.

Digital vouchers are sent to the email provided and also made available for download in your account. If you customized the message on your gift voucher, the system will print the message as provided. Please ensure accuracy when making your customizations – edits are not possible after your voucher is generated.

To use a voucher code online, enter the code during the checkout process in the “discount code” or “coupon code” field. Click “apply” to validate the code and adjust your total.

To use a voucher in-person, present the voucher code or QR code to the merchant booth for validation. Please note, voucher redemptions are only available at select community market vendors, or directly with Lady Cox for custom commissions. As we work to roll out these new digital gifts with more vendors, please accept our thanks for understanding if your vendor is unable to accept for redemption.

To redeem a voucher without a face-value, please refer to the printed details for what products you may redeem the voucher code for. Simply add the applicable products to your cart and follow the same redemption process as described above. Once validated, the applicable product will show in your cart at a $0 cost. Proceed as normal to shipping & confirmation. 

If the face-value of your voucher code exceeds the total purchase price, the remaining balance will remain active on the same code for future use. 

If the face-value of your gift does not cover your purchase completely, you must cover the remaining balance to complete your order. 

Vouchers are non-refundable. A purchase made using a valid voucher code will be treated as an authorized redemption and we are unable to cancel orders once shipped. Please report lost or stolen gift vouchers by contacting us online. Lost or stolen vouchers must be reported immediately, and any value remaining on the voucher at the time of reporting may be subject to a nominal replacement fee. 

Gift vouchers with monetary face-values have no expiry date. Other gift vouchers expire as indicated. We reserve the right to cancel, suspend, terminate or modify this program at any time, without liability or notice to you. We reserve the right to cancel issued voucher codes if in our discretion, or under the advice of our partners, it is suspected or determined that voucher codes were obtained by fraudulent means, or without authorization. Furthermore, we reserve the right to recoup our losses if fraud or crime is a factor, in cooperation with applicable authorities with jurisdiction. 

Additional Subscription Product Information

Subscription-based products or services sold (i.e. sticker of the month club) area way to to receive the newest merchandise or product design from Lady Cox Collection. By purchasing a subscription product, you’ll be presented with terms including but not limited to our ability to store your payment information and auto-charge your account for a new cycle.

You may cancel or suspend your subscription by logging into your account. You agree to maintain an active payment method on your file for us to charge renewals, and you agree that we may terminate your subscription for failure to pay a renewal fee. We assume no liability for losses of any kind. 

If you’ve been gifted a subscription gift-card (voucher code), you’ll be required to create an account, add the appropriate product and follow the redemption process described above. If applicable, you may add a payment method to your file to renew your subscription after the gifted term.

Subscription terms are non-refundable and non-transferable. We reserve the right to modify or terminate subscription products or individual subscriptions in our sole discretion. 

Thank you for your understanding if there is an error or issue that comes come. As we work to develop an amazing website and online shop, we reserve the right to resolve any apparent issues, conflicts or “glitches” howsoever they may occur or be made apparent, in our sole and absolute discretion. 

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Proin ullamcorper pretium orci donec necscele risqueleoam massa dolor imper dietnec consequata congue idsem maecenas malesuada faucibus finibus.


Uluwatu Jimbaran ST, 1919 - Bali, Indonesia

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+62 212-345-321

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